Pittsburgh DUI Cases

It’s one thing to see those flashing lights flashing in the rear view mirror when you may be looking at a simple speeding ticket; it’s another when it is a full blown accusation of DUI. A DUI has substantial repercussions; as a result, you want a seasoned and savvy well known attorney in your corner. I have helped clients through countless impaired driving cases and I can help you too.

Don’t think a DUI is all that big of a deal? Think again. In Pennsylvania, these cases are handled very seriously and for good reason.

  • DUI convictions can:
    • Get your license revoked
    • Cost you a lot of time and money (up to $10,000 in fines)
    • Scar you with a permanent criminal record
    • Get you sent to jail or sentenced to probation
In addition, contrary to popular belief, issuance of a limited driving privilege is not automatic.

I can help reduce or eliminate the damage a DUI can cause. I know that many people can be apprehensive when seeking legal help, which is why I make sure your initial consultation is free and payment options are available.

You are not powerless. Take control. Know your rights. It may seem like the prosecution holds all the cards but they don’t. I can help you even the odds. I will ensure that you understand both the charges against you and the defenses available. Every DUI charge is different and I will develop a strategy based on your individual case.

Peace of Mind.
If you have been arrested for a DUI, or feel you will face charges in the near future, you are likely in a lonely place. Call us so we can answer your questions and get some peace of mind.

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