Man Falls Down Stairs Without a Railing

The Case: My client was walking out of a home that he rented in Clearfield County. As he was walking down the steps he lost his balance and suffered severe injuries to his leg. He would not have been so badly injured if there had been a railing.

Awarded: $109,000.00 Settlement

Results Matter

DUI Felony

The Charges: Client was driving home after a pool party and did not immediately pull over for the police when she was approaching a tunnel. She was charged with Felony Fleeing and Eluding in addition to DUI.

Result: Dismissal of Felony Charges and accepted into ARD Program

Results Matter

Government Injunction

The Case: My client was unlawfully denied a contract awarded her by Westmoreland County. There were major significant flaws in the bidding process.

Awarded: Injunction against the County and award of contract to client

Results Matter

Life Insurance

The Case: My client was named as a beneficiary under her husband’s life insurance policy, however the insurance agency lost the paperwork.

Awarded: $235,0000.00 Settlement

Results Matter

Man Hit By Car

The Case: My client was struck by a vehicle. As a result of his injuries he required two neck surgeries.

Awarded: $300,000.00 Settlement

Results Matter

Unenforceable Promissory Note 

The Case: My client signed a Promissory Note agreeing to pay his brother and sister-in-law money. Notwithstanding the note, my client maintained that the money was a gift.

Awarded: Trial resulted in victory for my client

Results Matter

Successor Liability 

The Case: My client sought repayment of a business loan given to a personal care home’s predecessor in interest. Personal Care Home claimed it was a new entity and did not owe the debt.

Awarded: Jury Verdict of $63,000.00 to my client.